West Longbridge (Bridge)


The site of this former car plant in Birmingham is being transformed into a vibrant new development with 350 homes, a million square feet of commercial premises and 27 acres of public realm space around the beautifully restored River Rea.

What we did

Civil engineering

Designing of primary infrastructure, including spine roads and adoptable drainage systems, was key to enabling site-wide development. The efficient design of drainage diversions allowed for a seamless development process and ensured that all necessary infrastructure was in place.


Structural engineering

The additional design of a new bridge over the River Rea was also a critical component of the project. Working closely with the client, highway authority, contractor, and design team, the bridge was designed to be sympathetic to the landscape and proposals for the master plan, including the realignment of the channel. Regular liaison ensured all stakeholders were fully engaged and supportive of the final design solution.


Geo-environmental engineering

Geo-environmental involvement was a crucial aspect of the project, covering everything from design and procurement to interpretation of site investigation works. The goal was to establish ground conditions along the riverbank and support the design of the bridge abutments. This level of expertise ensured that the project was completed with the necessary information and considerations in place.

Working closely with the design team, we ensured that the design solution for the bridge and surrounding infrastructure was respectful of the sensitive landscaping and ecology of the River Rea works. This added value to the project by considering the area’s unique requirements and ensuring a harmonious and sustainable final result.