Geo-environmental Engineering

Understanding ground risks to deliver economic and sustainable solutions.

Our geo-environmental and geotechnical engineers provide specialist advice from the outset of a project to deliver cost effective, practical and compliant engineering solutions to ground related challenges.

From pre-acquisition advice, through to validation of remedial works and foundation design, our scientists and engineers utilise effective relationships with clients, contactors and regulatory authorities to ensure schemes receive the necessary approvals whilst delivering within projected timescales and costs.

Site Appraisals

We are able to provide pre-acquisition advice and support, interpreting existing ground reports to allow abnormal costs to be attributed to remedial works for contamination, historic mining legacy issues and foundation zoning plans, specific to proposed development masterplanning.

Phase 1 Desk Studies and Coal Mining Risk Assessment

Our engineers and scientists provide Phase 1 Desk Studies for Development High Risk Areas, Coal Mining Risk Assessments, required to support planning applications. These studies allow the issues requiring further investigation to be clearly identified, providing clients and regulatory authorities with the confidence needed to take projects forward.

Phase 2 Geo-environmental Site Investigations

We believe in a fully hands-on approach to undertaking site investigations. With our own site investigation capability, we are able to directly interpret results in order to provide comprehensive design advice, saving time and money in the process.

Ground conditions, laboratory testing and risk assessment is used to refine the conceptual model, and where necessary, provide the most cost-effective development and foundation solutions.  Our geotechnical engineers provide expertise in settlement and slope stability analysis, earthworks specifications,foundation and retaining wall design.

Our team of chemists and hydrogeologists can provide specialist detailed quantitative risk assessments for human health and controlled waters where required.

Historic Mining Legacy Issues

Where shown to be necessary, our engineers design and implement rotary probe investigations to abandoned mine workings and shafts, obtaining Coal Authority approval.  The findings of such investigations are assessed to determine the need for drilling and grouting schemes to mitigate future subsidence risks from shafts and workings.

Remediation Strategies and Implementations

Our engineers are experts in Phase 3 remediation strategies, options appraisals and remediation supervision.  Experienced monitoring and supervision of contractors provides client confidence that budgeted solutions are delivered.  We have good relationships with specialist contractors to ensure a range of services are available.

Environmental Statements

Supporting chapters on ground conditions, hydrogeology and hydrology can be provided for Environmental Statements.

Materials Management Plans

In our team we have Qualified Persons (QP) registered under the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste – Development Industry Code of Practice Scheme, and our engineers can assist in the production of Materials Management Plans for the handling and re-use of site derived and imported materials to ensure full regulatory compliance.

Waste Classification

Our engineers work collaboratively to minimise office site removal in the interests of sustainability, but where unavoidable  provide full waste classification and management advice in accordance with WM3.

Detailed Foundation Design

Our geotechnical, civil and structural engineers collaborate to provide bespoke and cost-effective solutions appropriate to site specific ground conditions and proposed development plans  Our teams can provide traditional, raft, and piled designs and obtain Building Control approval.  We are also experienced in the assessment and implementation of ground improvement options. We can provide foundation drawings showing tree influence, floor types, heave requirements, gas and radon details and concrete specifications, with supporting schedules, for appraisal and construction purposes.

Site Inspections

Our engineers have vast experience in undertaking foundation inspection, capping layer validation, gas membrane inspections and site support to provide remedial solutions for the unexpected. We welcome new technologies and are currently in the process of obtaining Permission for Commercial Operation of drones for site survey, monitoring and mapping works.

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