Nottingham Road, Spondon


Wheeldon Brothers, established in 1867, is a housing development firm with a 155-year history of building homes in Derbyshire with a focus on quality and individuality. They required specialist support and approached us to assist with one of their latest 111- plot residential developments.

What we did

Civil engineering

The production of planning reports and detailed design for 111 plot residential development in Spondon was completed, including a section of the former Derby and Sandiacre Canal.

Designs were carefully considered to work around the existing site constraints which included overhead electricity lines (and associated pylon within the site demise), an adjacent plot of industrial land which formed phase 2 of the development and the canal corridor which has been earmarked for reinstatement at a future date.


Adding value

Wheeldon’s Spondon development was designed with our constant focus on sustainable practice and continually adding value to projects in mind. The partial reinstatement of the Derby and Sandiacre Canal, including the towpath, served a functional purpose and added value to the local community by restoring a section of the disused canal and providing a biodiverse corridor.

The innovative attenuation basin design was carefully crafted to be sympathetic to the future permanent reinstatement of the canal, showcasing the company’s commitment to balancing practicality with preservation.

The scheme also featured permeable block paving within the adopted highway, which will enhance water quality leaving the site.