Swindon College - Swindon


Our client was looking to transform an old railway site into a modern higher-education facility for Swindon College, Wiltshire. A combination of the services from our various departments helped bring this vibrant, innovative campus to life.

What we did


Transport Planning

A Transport Statement and Travel Plan were produced to be included in the Planning Application submission including the parking layout design and swept path analysis. This was done through co- operation with the council transport office by setting up monitoring systems to assist with the design.

Civil engineering

We designed and provided construction specifications for the levels, external build-ups and a drainage solution that supported the architect’s proposed site layout. The main feature of the drainage proposals was the underdrained swale adjacent to the pedestrianised access to the new reception area.

Structural engineering

Understanding the sites existing structures was imperative to achieving our client’s end goal. After conducting detailed feasibility reports, we assisted with the design and installation of temporary works enabling the refurbishment of the existing buildings.

Geo-Environmental Engineering

As a former railway site, there were inherent tricky ground conditions and a high probability of contamination being present, which brought about significant challenges. Through rigorous site investigation work, we were able to recommend the required remedial works, gas protection measures and the best foundation and ground floor solutions for the site.

Adding value

We worked against the clock to overcome on-site challenges and remain within our client’s budget. We successfully executed the client’s objective with close cooperation with Armsons and the design team.