River Trent Diversion - Stoke-on-Trent


Staffordshire Wildlife Trust are passionate about working to protect and enhance the local wildlife and natural habitats through various projects and initiatives. Their primary aims are to raise awareness of the importance of conservation, promote sustainable land use practices, and encourage the involvement of local communities in their efforts.

What we did


Civil engineering

As part of the project, we were responsible for designing approximately 500m of river channel realignment along the River Trent near the former Victoria Ground (Stoke City FC) site.
The existing channel was a manufactured concrete structure, but our design aimed to create a more natural section of the river. We oversaw the importation of gravel and large stones, as well as the repurposing of trees and root structures removed from the adjacent development site. These efforts resulted in a river with improved natural habitat features, providing better support for the local ecosystem.

Adding value

This realignment of the River Trent has not only delivered an improved aesthetic across the river corridor but has also promoted biodiversity through the creation of new areas for wildlife to flourish. Alongside this, we were able to provide a green space for local residents to enjoy.

To minimise waste and ensure our constant focus on sustainable practices, trees and root structures were removed from the adjacent development site and were re-used along the river channel to provide features and habitat for wildlife.