CarShop - Camberley


The Sytner Group came to us seeking expert advice for a new CarShop in Camberley. We provided our multi-disciplinary services to the project enabling us to streamline the design process, overcome risks and add overall value for the client.

What we did


Civil engineering

Initially, we assisted with discharging all Planning Conditions related to drainage. Thereafter we undertook the design of the external hardstanding areas, drainage and the Section 278 Site Access.

Collaboration with the Geo-Environmental department ensured that a material balance was achieved for the site by utilising the existing ground greatly reducing project costs.

Structural engineering

We completed the structural design
for the three-storey braced steel frame showroom with rooftop parking. The upper floors were constructed in composite concrete with profiled metal sheeting spanning between the steelwork and the foundation solution was piled. One particular design feature that we are proud of is the transfer level at ground

floor which required 18m long transfer beams with 6m cantilevers to the three- storey vehicle ramp.

Geo-Environmental Engineering

In conjunction with our civil engineering department, the Geo-Environmental Engineers were able to determine a solution that used GGBS (a cementitious material called Ground Granulated Blast- furnace Slag) to stabilise sulphate-bearing soils, retain hazardous materials on site and decrease costs of removing material from site. We also provided extensive advice at the Planning Stage to enable Planning Conditions to be discharged relating to remediation of this particularly onerous former gas works site.

Adding value

We produced an innovative and bespoke design of internal vehicle barriers that resulted in an upgrade to the the client’s performance and aesthetic requirements.

We were able to reduce costs by retaining and utilising the hazardous material on site by using GGBS to stabilise the sulphate bearing soils.