Avant Homes

Awsworth, Nottinghamshire

Our site investigation gave housing developer Avant Homes the confidence to progress with a 250-home development on a disused colliery in Nottinghamshire.

Geo-environmental engineering
Identifying and investigating several mine entries and features, enabling the site to be designed around those features with optimum foundation solutions. Our remediation proposals reduced the risk from the legacy mines, allowing the client to gain accurate costs from a contractor and seek approval from the Coal Authority through planning.

Defining the ground gas risk has allowed Avant to zone the site into high- and low-risk areas, reducing the need for high-level, site-wide gas-protection measures. Settlement monitoring has shown that rafts are likely to be suitable for areas of deep made ground, where piling is considered uneconomical.

Adding value
Our in-depth site investigation has created a clear development path for an otherwise highly challenging site. The results allow for a scheme of remediation to be designed, and give the client the confidence to produce a layout with certainty on cost and feasibility.