The Silk Mill Museum


Rodgers Leask were appointed by Speller Metcalfe, the contractor for the £16.4m renovation and refurbishment of the Silk Mill museum to conduct a drone survey of the building roofs and roofline and to design temporary works for the refurbishment.

The mill’s proximity to the River Derwent and its many rooflines, most of which are not accessible enabled Rodgers Leask to use drone technology to survey the entire roof area for the project’s architects to gather information on the roofs for the refurbishment and assess their condition.

The project will also see the full interior of the mill buildings including many unused or derelict areas overhauled and opened for public use.  Rodgers Leask has been appointed to provide temporary works designs to enable the refurbishments.

The ancient mill buildings are part of the UNESCO Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site and is the site of the world’s first factory. The renovated museum is expected to reopen to the public in 2020.