Rodgers Leask returns to UKREiiF in 2024


We are excited to announce that next year we will be returning to UKREiiF in Leeds. The UK Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum will be held at the Royal Armouries Leeds and Leeds Dock from Tuesday 21 until Thursday 23 May. Our directors Kriston Harvey, Howel Morris, Kully Toor, and associate director Matt Harrison will be in attendance, networking and forging new connections within the sector. They will also be representing our infrastructure engineering, geo-environmental engineering, structural engineering and transport planning capabilities respectively.

UKREiiF connects the public sector, investors, funders, developers and end-users to bring about regeneration and development across the UK. We are proud to attend an event that spotlights the different opportunities within the sector and provides a platform for thought leadership and networking.

On why UKREiiF is such a beneficial event for the public sector, Kriston said: “It’s an excellent opportunity to keep up to date with the pipeline of public sector projects and explore opportunities to support these where we feel we can add value. Also, it offers the time to share thoughts on common challenges, like new legislation and an over-stretched planning system.

“The programme of events usually provides really informative sector insights and panel discussions around hot topics in the industry. With so many like-minded professionals gathered together in one place, it is a great forum to catch up with existing contacts and make plenty of new ones.”

This 3-day event will showcase the achievements, challenges and progress within the public sector, as well as profile future investment opportunities to investors, developers and occupiers from around the globe.

Director Kully Toor said: “We all want to get the most out of the event because it is a place where we can raise our profile and meet new potential clients. It’s my first time attending UKREiiF, but I’m ready to catch up with many of our existing contacts who I know will be attending too.

“The industry is facing many challenges at the moment, especially with the ever-increasing cost of development. We must continue to have an open dialogue within and across disciplines to find solutions and a way forward.

On the specific challenges in the travel planning sector, associate director Matt Harrison said: “It’s a challenge trying to influence change in travel behaviour and embrace the complexities of net zero polices against the backdrop of a very stretched and often contradictory planning system.

“But any event on a scale such as UKREiiF provides a fantastic opportunity for consultancies like us to engage with new companies, local authorities, technologies, innovations and individuals that we might not otherwise work with.”

Director Howel Morris is ready to raise the profile of Rodgers Leask during his first visit to UKREiiF and said: “I anticipate having conversations with potential clients and making it clear that Rodgers Leask has the necessary skills and experience to deliver major real estate projects. It is a great opportunity to present our skills as an SME engineering consultant to significant organisations in the real estate market.”

Our attendance at UKREiiF 2023 was a success due to a considerable amount of encouraging networking and informative talks led by industry leaders. We look forward to attending one of the biggest events on the industry calendar again next year.