A look into Liverpool with Elliot Goodey


Elliot Goodey joined us right after graduating from university towards the end of 2023 and has been keeping busy ever since with design, documentation and reporting work at our Liverpool office. Recently, Elliot has given us a look into his role within the civil and infrastructure department and insights as a young engineering professional.

How long have you been working at Rodgers Leask? 

Since October 2023, making it just over six months now. I joined the company right after graduating as a Master of Science (MSc) in September and I’m currently in the civil and infrastructure department, based out of the Liverpool office.

What does your role involve and what is a typical day? 

A significant portion of my responsibilities include performing design work in areas such as drainage, infrastructure and earthworks for a diverse range of projects including residential, commercial, and public sector developments.

I am also involved in documentation and reporting tasks, such as preparing technical drawing, compiling technical reports and managing project correspondence, all in adherence to company and industry standards and procedures.

Collaboration is an important part of working at Rodgers Leask. I regularly talk with colleagues within our team and across different departments to coordinate project actives, sharing progress and developments. Additionally, I engage with clients to understand their needs, provide progress updates, deliver work and respond to any queries they may put forward.

What career opportunities have you been presented with at Rodgers Leask? 

Looking at detailed design work, I’ve been involved in drainage modelling and analysis, water and flood management and designing water attenuation systems, sewer treatment facilities, and flood control structures. I have been afforded support and training to utilise software like Causeway Flow and AutoCAD Civils 3D to analyse hydrological data and earthwork modelling respectively.

Another exciting area is transportation, where I have been involved in the transportation infrastructure, applying traffic engineering principles and regulations, which has been both rewarding and challenging.

Additionally, I have been given the platform to actively engage in client liaison and develop business relationships. From interacting with clients, regulatory authorities and industry professionals I have broadened my understanding of this aspect of the business and enhanced my communication skills.

What is your proudest moment working for the business so far? 

To this point, I am proud of my personal growth, notable in the output of work produced. Receiving recognition for my contributions from client and colleagues has given me a great sense of achievement over recent months.

What challenges have you overcome so far and how has Rodgers Leask supported you? 

What comes to mind first is the challenges associated with the complexity of projects we work on which have demanded management of tight deadlines, high client expectations and many resources. I found support in the form of training provided and the presence of a strong, supportive team at Rodgers Leask.

How would you describe working at Rodgers Leask in Liverpool? 

It has been an enriching experience in many ways. Our office environment, albeit small currently from a civils perspective, fosters a strong emphasis on collaboration and support, working on a diverse range of projects.

I feel the most rewarding aspect personally, is the emphasis on learning from engineers at all levels, something I have experienced in abundance from working directly with experienced senior engineers as part of our experienced and growing team.

Despite the demanding nature of our work, the general feeling at Rodgers Leask is accommodating and accepting of people’s needs, offering flexible hours and allowing us to manage personal needs around work requirements and commitments.

What is your best advice for building a successful career in the engineering industry?

In my experience, taking a multifaced approach has really paid off in my engineering career journey so far. Firstly, seeking out and benefitting from mentorship at different stages has been hugely influential. Learning from experienced professional has given me the exposure to regular feedback and insights that have helped me grow and refine my skills and capabilities.

Building on this, I’ve learned to appreciate that personal growth is a never-ending process, where being open and adaptable to new technologies, methodologies, and regulations shaping the industry is key to staying relevant.

Finally, I’ve found working and collaborating on projects across different sectors and being part of a wider multidisciplinary team can not only expand your professional network but also exposes you to numerous different perspectives and approaches. It has made me more adaptable and innovative in my approach, something I am enjoying and would encourage.