Planning success for proposed industrial development in Hoddesdon


Borough of Broxbourne Council recently granted full planning permission for the development of a 6,350 sq.m industrial / warehouse at Ratty’s Lane, Hoddesdon for Trent 2 Limited.

Rodgers Leask led the design team on behalf of the Client and which consisted of Sigma Architects, Marrons, JBA Consulting and Naturally Wild.

The previously undeveloped 2.36 hectare site is located off Ratty’s Lane, and forms part of the wider ‘Hoddesdon Business Park’.

Working collaboratively with the design team, Rodgers Leask produced the Transport Statement, Travel Plan, Phase 1 Desk Study and the Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy in support of the planning application.

A constrained site, access and flood risk were major considerations for the development proposals, along with the presence of overhead and below ground service corridors.

We demonstrated that site access via a compliant junction form could be achieved to allow safe access and egress for cars, HGVs and emergency vehicles. Pedestrian and cycle access was also shown to be appropriate.

Working closely with JBA Consulting who undertook hydraulic modelling of the River Lee (which runs along the southern boundary of the site), we were able to confirm that the majority of the site lies within Flood Zone 1 and is therefore suitable for development for the proposed end use.

A SuDS scheme was proposed for the site, to demonstrate that the additional volumes of runoff associated with the development could be suitably accommodated and that an appropriate level of treatment to runoff would be provided prior to discharge to the River Lee. The scheme was shown to be sustainable and considered for the creation of a large industrial / warehouse building which would become an integral part of the adjacent industrial employment zone.

Visuals courtesy of Sigma Architects 📷